Vijay A. Kanade

To me – ‘Life is synonymous to possibilities’. The onus is on each living being to truly understand & realize its fullest potential.

I am a Computer Science graduate, whose true passion is Science. My aim is to propel humanity into the unknown frontiers of science – that are yet to be discovered or explored.

Fascinated with the timeless nature, and depth of Vedic Science - I am here to deep-dive into - not just the physical, but also the non-physical aspects of the cosmos - that manifest themselves to let life thrive on planet earth.

Captivated by the beauty of Sanskrit language (fountainhead of mantras) - I wish to understand the very foundations of our universe – and the journey of every ‘life-form’ in this vast cosmic space. Be it ‘Riemann hypothesis, Quantum gravity or the non-tangible dimension ‘Time’.


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