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Vijay A. Kanade


Creation and existence is a miracle in itself. Life (popularly known as consciousness) is a mysterious force at play in this grand cosmic design. Synchronicity – a consequence of uncertainty & randomness, transpiring at the fundamental quantum-level is a grave puzzle that has been hard to fathom – why and how still continue to unsettle the human intellect.

As of today, our paradoxical universe is as mysterious as ever.

Anyway, now that we are here - let’s make a worthy life out of it.

It appears to me that – “Life does not have a template”for anything and everything!

Do what matters to you the most - irrespective of the data that you have been fed with by the society, subordinates, parents, so called intellectuals, spiritual gurus and others. Everyone has an opinion about everything. Essentially every opinion is a possibility (valid), which you couldn’t think of - but not necessarily the reality or truth. There are many paths that can lead you to one truth - hence weave your own destiny. Take a leap into this cosmic ocean of possibilities and observe what it has to offer.

There are very few who have lived a ‘time-agnostic’ life with a unique vibrancy of their own. Such beings are not ruled or governed by the ‘age of time’ that they are born in. They go beyond the trap of conventional understandings - generally decided by the knowledge of that very era.

If you feel you have an X–factor in you - that sets you apart from the conventionalities of life – I would love to talk to you!