Other Interests

Technically speaking, I come from a Navy background (son of a Lieutenant Commander).

Genes do have a role to play - as the genetic imprints (Karma) carried through family lineage live-on for long.


I have an innate inclination towards athletics – especially track and field. I have participated in multiple half-marathons with an average pace of 5.6-5.8 min/mile. Apart from running, I love playing cricket, badminton, volleyball and many others. Overall I like endurance games which are physically draining.


Spirituality is another aspect that I keenly follow and exercise. Though I do not differentiate ‘spirituality’ as a religious cornerstone, yet I believe it is a way of life that impacts one’s perspective towards everything that he/she can possibly think of – right from quantum particles to the extent of the cosmos.


Music is my lifeline. I am driven by music. I have learnt the basics of Guitar, but haven’t yet achieved the ultimate mastery – I will, someday.