Research Visits

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) - Jul. 2019

Light Coded Language (LCL): Infrared Thermography based Interactive Touch Sensing 3D Display for Medical Applications
Poster: Light Coded Language (LCL)

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), California, USA - Oct. 2018

A Bio-Inspired Unsupervised Algorithm for Deploying [BoT]: Symbiotic Intelligence
Prototype: [BoT] - Symbiotic Intelligence

National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore – Sep. 2017

NeuroG: An Adaptive Neuro-Engine for ‘Dynamic Space-Junk Removal’ Mission
Simulation Model: NeuroG - Satellite Platform

Cambridge, U.K. - Mar. 2020

A Novel Optimized Design of Energy Efficient Lights for Producing Uniform Illumination by Harnessing Photoluminescent Properties of 'Strontium Aluminate'
Prototype: Photoluminescent Light

Manchester, Great Britain - Nov. 2022

A Novel Approach to Transmit Audio Content over a Secure Communication Channel by Using Light Optics Under the Acousto-optic Premise
Prototype: Light-based Audio Content transmission

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU, UK) - Nov. 2022

Design and Implementation of SmelloT Architecture to Realize and Transmit Electrified Smell
Prototype: SmelloT Architecture to Realize and Transmit Electrified Smell

Central Michigan University (CMU, USA) - Sept. 2023

ChloroView: A Sustainable Biophilic Alternative to Conventional Displays
Prototype: Chlorophyll Extract

Columbia University, USA - Oct. 2023

BioFi: Enabling Sustainable IoT Connectivity with BioFibre-Based Wireless Signal Enhancer
Prototype: BioFibre-Based Wireless Signal Enhancer